Faith & Endurance: Another Level Part 1

At the beginning of March I found out that I was pregnant. I was going to the Doctor’s to have my yearly check-up. I waited about two hours in the waiting room before I was even seen. When I finally heard my name being called I was relieved. The young lady said: “hello” and then went on to say: “Mrs. Green we won’t be able to see you today.” and she proceeded taking me into her office. So I asked her why? She held her head down and said: “Your PT came back positive.” And I said: “My PT?”  She goes: “pregnancy test,” and I said are you serious? She said: “yes,” still holding her head down and so I told her that I was excited. Super excited and then she finally lifted her head and smiled. Shortly after sitting in her office she gave me proof of pregnancy and other paperwork I needed and I drove home.On my way home I was trying to figure out how to tell my husband Paul. He was already running late for Praise & Worship rehearsal due to my delay at the doctor’s office. I finally arrived at the house; he was playing with our son Zackery when I came in and the questions began. He asked: “What took them so long?” I said: “Baby there where a lot of people in the office today and they were behind.” He then said: “Well I’m late for rehearsal!”  So I looked at him and said: “Shoot I’m late too! He looked shocked and was like: “YOUR LATE, as in late late”…lol… and I said: “YES I AM…I’m pregnant!” So I started dancing in front of him. It was hilarious. After all of that we hugged and he left for rehearsal. The following week we went to Bible Study as usual. This Bible Study was a little different though. The Pastor opened up the floor for testimonies, and the whole service was just people testifying about the goodness of the Lord. So at this point only a few people knew that I was pregnant. During the service my cousin text me saying: “I got some news that Zacky is going to be a big brother!” lol… I wasn’t going to say anything, but I told my husband if he felt lead then go ahead. So eventually he raised his hand and the camera was on us. He started talking about some of the things we had went through this past year and how God was blessing us here in Tulsa. He talked about how the doctors said we couldn’t have children yet God had blessed us with Zackery and how we had just found out that we were expecting again. After he said that it was gasping and everyone was excited and clapping. After service we got lots of hugs and congratulations. It was a happy occasion. That following Sunday I was in church enjoying Praise & Worship. It was so good. I loved watching my husband worship. That’s so sexy to me. Anyways as I was standing there with my cousins who had stopped in town to visit, my lower back started hurting. So I sat down. Shortly after that I went to the restroom and there discovered that I had started spotting. I didn’t think anything of it because the same thing happened while I was pregnant with my son Zackery. When I got home from church I put my feet up. I rested for a little bit and checked again and I was still spotting. I told my husband about it and the next day I got checked. While I was waiting to be seen I heard a little girls voice say: “I’m ok mommy.” It tripped me out. My nerves were all over the place and I was trying to stay positive no matter what. The nurse finally came in with my blood test results and my HCG levels still showed that I was pregnant and I was relieved.

After that little scare, I was excited to research Home Births even more. This time around I didn’t want to have a traditional hospital delivery. I wanted to have a home birth. After some searching I came across an amazing team of midwives. They gave me all of my prenatal information that I needed, and they were always there if I had any questions at all. Late night about a week or so before my third Doppler reading, I heard the Holy Spirit say: “If you don’t hear the heartbeat, will you still believe Me?” My eyes filled up with tears and I sat in my room like are you serious?…I can only say yes, I’ll still believe you, and I heard it two more times. So needless to say, when I went to that appointment I knew that I wasn’t going to hear my baby’s heartbeat. So when my next appointment was made I got really excited because this time I would hear my baby’s heartbeat for the first time, or would I?

 My book: “A Childless Mother No More” coming soon…More details to follow.

2 thoughts on “Faith & Endurance: Another Level Part 1

  1. Jaietta Jackson says:

    Wow Pookie, this entry is riveting. But I know that you know that God is in charge and God’s planned will never be deterred. I love you, Paul, and little Zachary and whatever the outcome I know your love of one another and your faith in God will pull you through. I will continue to pray for you and the family. I love you guys!

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