It will happen! Keep believing!

I talk to many women around the world that’s struggling with barrenness. I listen to them no matter how long the conversation is. I cry with them because I know their hurt and pain I’ve been where they’re at. I encourage them because sometimes that’s all they want in that moment. I sit on the phone with them in silence because sometimes they just want the comfort of knowing I’m there. I pray for them, I fast for them and I love on them.

Many people will never understand what these women are going through on a daily basis. Being barren takes a toll on you mentally, physically, and spiritually. A lot of these women hide their true feelings about wanting a child because not being able to have a child in the first place is just embarrassing. 

I emphasize will these women that God has brought into life. I thank God that He chose me for such an assignment like this. I will continue to be open and transparent to who ever He sends my way.

Right now I rejoice because a few of the women that God has sent to me for some type of guidance is expecting their baby now! God is amazing and He can do the impossible. It may seem to some of you like you will never get pregnant, but I beg to differ. 

Start trusting God completely again. Re-evaluate your life. Talk to your spouse about how you’re really feeling. It’s hard on the men too, but most times they are completely silent about it. Be honest with God and with yourself. Write it out if you need too. This will help your life! Pray, fast, and love yourself again! It’s not your fault! God’s timing is the best timing.

Be encouraged and know that God hears ALL of your prayers and He has bottled everyone of your tears!

I love you all!

If you need me I’m just an inbox, e-mail, or phone call away!

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