Everyone is barren in some kind of way!

Barrenness is not just women not being able to have children. Barrenness is a void you may have because your dreams hasn’t came to past yet. This can go from education, sports, music career, culinary career, ministry, vacationing, family, I mean the list can go on for days! Put what you’re barren in on the list.
Barrenness is lacking stimulation or ideas. Being barren is feeling pointless, useless, unworthy, empty, purposeless, unrewarding, valueless, hollow, aimless, and sterile. There’s so many different feelings that comes with barrenness. 
I challenge you to seek God today and ask Him to help you with those voids. Ask for a new perspective on why things have been the way they have. Ask Him for a new mindset. Ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself for what you feel like you haven’t accomplished yet! Ask God to show you the blue prints of your life. Ask God to surround you around the right people and remove whoever isn’t suppose to be there. Ask God for direction and tell Him that you will go with His timing and not your own timing. Be patience, fast, pray, and I promise you God will not leave you feeling helpless! 
Be blessed!

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