Be encouraged!

💛Be kind to people! Most times you’ll never know what they experience from day to day or what bad news they just received, right before meeting you! Don’t judge them…just be kind!

I’ve been in the hospital over a week now being monitored. When my doctor told me, I had to go straight to the hospital after my doctor’s appointment, I became overwhelmed and started to think too much! When I arrived at the hospital my nerves were all over the place. I began to ask the Lord, why? Then I stopped. I stopped and thought who in this hospital needs me and my ministry…and since I’ve been here, there has been many, and I thank God for letting me be a light to them even as I’m going through my stay here.

I’m grateful and I’m at peace! Me and baby girl are fine, they just have to monitor us a little closely right now! My husband Paul is still able to go to work, Zackery and Jana are in great hands because my mom Virginia literally dropped everything she was doing and was able to come here to be with them and I’m extremely grateful for that! Only God could have orchestrated this so smoothly! He knows what we need even when we don’t!

Be encouraged today and know that someone else’s situation is worse than yours! Be grateful and thank God through every situation you encounter!

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