Shantae Green is a wife, mother and anointed woman of God. She was born in Long Beach, California but raised in California and Ohio. She has many gifts from God, but writing has become one of her most desired passions since her childhood. Green is a woman who walks by faith and not by sight. She has encountered many trials in her life and her writing expresses every real-life situation. In 2010, after trying to become pregnant for years, doctors advised her and her husband that they may want to look into adopting because they would not be able to have children. What the doctors didn’t take into account is that God can do the impossible….and he did just that for her family. Shantae now resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Paul and their four miracle babies. Ages 8, 4, 2, and 3months. She is now a Childless Mother No More. She has shared this testimony with so many people who have recently been changed, because of these miracles. Shantae wants to help men and women across the world who are dealing with barrenness in any shape, form or fashion. She is determined to inspire and boost your faith as you take this journey to hear more about her life. Stay tuned and be blessed by her testimonies.

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